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We Strive To
Build Our Own Brand

Create Online Independent Brands And Use Online Brands To
Drive Offline Sales.


The Production Method Is Progressed On Consignment Where The Purchaser Receives The Development Intention And Produces The Finished Product With The Trademark Of The Purchase.the Production Cost Can Be Reduced As The Purchaser Does Not Need To Be Equip With Production Facilities.


Horumarinta wax-soo-saarka - halkaasoo shirkadda wax-soo-saarka ay horumariso, waxay naqshadaysaa alaabooyinka leh calaamadda iibsadaha iyadoo loo eegayo shuruudaha iibsadaha. Waa nidaam xaqiijinayo wadarta adeegga dhammaan geeddi-socodyada laga bilaabo qorsheynta badeecada ilaa horumarinta, wax soo saarka, maaraynta tayada iyo gaarsiinta ee ku saleysan tignoolajiyada gaarka ah iyo awoodda shirkadda wax soo saarka.


We Hope To Make Products That Our Customers
Waan Ku Qanacsanahay

Naqshad Gaar ah


The Company Has Successfully Registered Many Domestic And Foreign Trademarks In China, The United States, The European Union And Other Countries. Our Brands Operate In Different Modes In High-end Boutiques, Supermarkets, Cross-border E-commerce Enterprises And One-stop Outdoor Stores. Focusing On The Design, Development And Innovation Of Independent Brands, A Large Number Of Leading Products With Independent Intellectual Property Rights, Strong Quality Competitiveness And High Brand Added Value Have Been Formed To Help Us Seize The High-end Value Chain.

Create Online Independent Brands And Use Online Brands To Drive Offline Sales.

We Focus On A Series Of Vacuum Cleaner Products, Expand Product Categories Horizontally, And Provide Customers With More Choices. We Set Up A Brand Operation Department And R & D Center In Suzhou. We Plan To Set Up Overseas Warehouses In The United States To Supply Goods Directly To Local Wholesalers, So As To Avoid Additional Fees Charged By Middlemen.

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